The ancient town of Bolgar

The ancient town of Bolgar

Welcome to the Muslim pearl of Tatarstan, the most ancient city - Great Bolgar. The ancient city is located 190 kilometers from Kazan. Tourists from all over the world come here to immerse themselves in the historical past. Bolgar is a cult and very important place for Tatars, because it was here that Islam was accepted in 922. Today it is a vast ancient settlement, where many tourists and pilgrims come. It is a unique historical place, where architectural monuments of XIII-XIV centuries are located. Bulgarian Historical-Architectural Complex is the northernmost monument of medieval Muslim architecture in the world and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. During the tour you will visit the Northern and Eastern Mausoleums. You will not leave indifferent the beauty of the Cathedral Mosque of XIII century. This attraction conveys all the power of religious spirit and reflects centuries-old history. You will see ancient ruins of the Mongolian period, visit the White, Black and Red Chambers.

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Pushkina 4;

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  • Entrance ticket to the territory of the Bulgarian ancient settlement, museum of Bulgarian civilization, memorial sign of the adoption of Islam

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