Gastronomic tours to Kazan

"Secret life of Kazan" + drinks tasting 18+

A new excursion that allows you to look at Kazan from a different perspective and try Tatspirtprom products.


Gastronomic tours in Kazan

As many tourists as there are, there are as many opinions and desires - any experienced travel manager from our company will tell you that. And it is hard to disagree with this. But all tourists are united in one thing: it is impossible to resist the aromas and flavours of Tatar cuisine. That is why we decided to start organising gastronomic tours to Kazan on a regular basis. The programme of a gastronomic tour to Kazan always includes not only tasting of Tatar national cuisine, but also master classes on its production from masters of culinary business, as well as excursions to local production facilities. Enjoy the flavours of national cuisine on gastronomic tours to Kazan!