Welcome to Kazan


During the fascinating trip you will get acquainted with the treasures of two capitals of Russia: the main capital – Moscow and with the second – colorful Kazan.



Included services:

  • Accommodation in the chosen hotel in Kazan; in Courtyard Moscow City Center by Marriott 4* in Moscow (6 nights, breakfasts included);
  • Guides according to the program;
  • Transport services according to the program (1-2 pax by passanger car, 3-5 pax by Mercedes Vito, 6-15 pax by Mercedes Sprinter, 16-40 pax – big bus);
  • Meals  (6 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 4 dinners);
  • Entrance tickets to the Kremlin, master class on cooking a “triangle”, tickets and excursion at the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan,  tickets and tea Ceremony at Chuck-Chuck Museum, Island-town Sviyazhsk Museum, Great Bolgar, Sviyazhsk, to the Moscow Kremlin, to the viewing point

    Day 1 – Kazan

    Arrival to Kazan

    Meeting with a guide, transfer to Kazan

    Sightseeing tour across Kazan, including visit to Kazan Kremlin (UNESCO World Heritage Site) (4 hours)

    Kazan is a beautiful thousand-year-old city. That is the place where Christianity and Islam have been living in peace for centuries. City’s architecture, traditions and religion are keeping the trails of the international past.

    During the tour we will discover an amazing history of Kazan. Old mansions, trading houses, industrial and cultural buildings of the 19th and early 20th centuries form the historic city centre: we will stroll along the streets, watch the Peter and Paul Cathedral designed in Russian Baroque style. It harmonically rises above the classicist building of the Kazan State University situated next to it. Kremlevskaya Street is the cultural heart of the city, not far there are the Kazan Opera House, the National Library and the Town Hall. Across the Bulaq Canal and Lake Kaban, we will enter the old Tatar district of the city where Tatars had to live after the Russian conquest of Kazan. We will end our tour visiting the Kazan Kremlin.

    The old Kremlin towers over the city and impresses with its scale and mightiness. Within its walls there are many historical buildings, the most important of them are the Cathedral of the Annunciation (1561-62), the Bishop House (1829) and the Qol Sharif Mosque, recently rebuilt inside the Kremlin and so on. Kazan Kremlin was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

    National lunch with a master class on cooking a “triangle” at a restaurant (1,5 hours)

    Visit to the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan (1,5 hours)

    National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan is one of the largest cultural and historical museums in the Volga region and the oldest museum in the Republic. The main exhibition contains exhibits from the 1890 scientific and industrial exhibition, as well as pieces of the private collection of Andrey Likhachev -an archaeologist, historian and collector who is very well known in Tatarstan. There is also a valuable numismatic collection, a collection of manuscripts and early printed books, and a collection of invaluable written works from personal archives of famous figures of Tatar culture.

    Transfer to the hotel, check-in

    Free time

    Transfer to the restaurant

    Dinner at the restaurant on your choice (for extra charge) (1,5 hours)

  • Maximilian’s Brauerei
  • Maximilian’s restaurant is a European-level modern place. Maximilian’s restaurant is one of the most popular among the residents and the guests of Kazan. This unique restaurant operates according to the traditions of Western beer establishments.

    Following the traditions of western restaurants, here in Maximilian’s you may see beer brew with your own eyes from beginning to end.

    Beer is brewed right behind the bar counter and supervised by our brewmasters.

    Grab a pint of fresh beer and enjoy Bavarian dishes in a cozy and cheerful atmosphere. Try something new or go dancing — there are so many options to make the evening at Maximilian’s unforgettable.  

  • Leuven Belgian Brasserie
  • Leuven Belgian Brasserie offers exclusively Belgian cuisine - rabbit, home-made pates, onion soup and, of course, waffles. In its own mini-bakery, they even make their own pretzels. 34 beers are available on tap – 30 constant favourites and 4 that change every month. The restaurant seats 100 within two areas, named "Brussels" and "Bruges". The interior resembles an old mansion with mood lighting and lots of authentic details. The most prominent is the massive crystal chandelier above the staircase, which can be spotted through the window even from the outside. The bar features a refrigerator, which stores 300 bottles of Belgian beer – varying from the classics to experimental fruity ones. 

    Free time

    Day 2 – Great Bolgar

    Breakfast at the hotel

    Meeting with a guide at the lobby

    Full day trip to Great Bolgar (UNESCO World Heritage Site) (11 hours)

    Travel just 200 kilometres south of Kazan, and you will end up in the world’s most northern 13th-15th century monument of Muslim architecture. The Great Bolgar with its snow-white mosque resembling India’s Taj Mahal, picturesque ruins and majestic ancient buildings attract people from all over the world. Here, archaeologists find rapture — in the excavations, while travelers — in the acquaintance with the fascinating history of the Volga Bolgar and the Golden Horde. Here we will share why you should visit Bolgar and what to do in the city, which was visited even by Catherine the Great and Peter I.

    The history of Bolgar as a city began in the 9th-10th centuries, even though the first Bolgar tribes appeared here two centuries earlier. It was once the centre of the Volga Bolgar - politically, economically and culturally. Bolgar craftsmen and their goods were famous in many countries, and Bolgar merchants traded with countries of Europe and Asia. Many traders would also travel from all around the world to the city fairs – traveling from as far as China, Spain, Damascus, Baghdad and many others. After the Baghdad embassy visit to the city in 922, local residents adopted Islam as their state religion, which aided in establishing close ties with the Arab world.

    The main attractions of Bolgar are concentrated in its two adjacent areas: the majority - in the ancient settlement, while the famous White Mosque and a few others – can be found beyond the settlement.

    Lunch at Chingizkhan restaurant (Tatar Cuisine)

    Continuation of the excursion

    Transfer to Kazan, to the restaurant

    Dinner (1 hour)

    Transfer to the hotel

    Day 3 – Island-Town of Sviyazhsk

    Breakfast at the hotel

    Meeting with a guide at the lobby

    Trip to the Island-Town of Sviyazhsk (UNESCO World Heritage Site) with traditional Russian lunch in Traktir Café (5 hours)

    Tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy Russia’s unique history - the place has hardly changed over the last century. The island-town of Sviyazhsk State Historical, Architectural and Art Museum and Heritage Site is a unique natural landscape monument of Tatarstan. It is located in the water area of ​​three rivers: the Volga, Sviyaga and Schuka. Founded by Ivan the Terrible as a powerful fortress, Sviyazhsk has preserved numerous monuments of ancient Russian architecture, Orthodox culture and history. 37 objects of cultural heritage, of them 19 — of federal importance, 18 — of regional (republican) importance are state-protected.

    Sviyazhsk was erected in 1551 in the shortest time and was an outpost of the troops of Ivan the Terrible at the capture of Kazan. The main island fortress was assembled in four weeks from logs fused along the Volga from Uglich, a wooden Trinity church, preserved to this day, was built in twenty-four hours from the same Uglich larch. Guests of the island-town can view unique pieces of cultural and architectural heritage, such as the Cathedral of the Icon of the Mother of God «Joy of All Who Sorrow», authentic frescoes of the 16th Century of the Assumption Cathedral and others.

    Trip to the Temple of all religions (external inspection of the Temple) (1 hour)

    The Temple of All Religions is a cascade of buildings, combining various styles of buildings of different cultures and religions into one. This is the only place in the world where you can marvel at the Orthodox and Catholic churches, the Muslim mosque, the Jewish synagogue and the Buddhist temple harmoniously coexisting all as one building. The temple is decorated with all the iconic elements of world religions, as well as symbols of extinct civilizations.

    Transfer to the hotel

    Free time

    Meeting with an assistant at the lobby

    Transfer to a restaurant

    Dinner at a restaurant (1,5 hours)

    Transfer to the hotel

    Day 4 – Travelling by Trans-Siberian railway

    Breakfast at the hotel. Check-out

    Meeting with an assistant at the lobby

    Transfer to the railway station (tickets to Moscow are for extra charge)


    Day 5 - Moscow

    Arrival to Moscow

    Meeting at the railway station

    Early check in

    Breakfast at the hotel

    Meeting with a guide, transfer to Red Square

    Sightseeing tour across Moscow to the Kremlin (6  hours)

    On the first day of our journey you will see the Kremlin - the center of Russian statehood, the residence of the President of the Russian Federation. You will see the Kremlin walls, guarding the Kremlin and Red Square - the heart of the city; you will see the historical monument “Place of Death”, the place of medieval executions. You will see and the Assumption Cathedral, the Mausoleum - the sacred space where Lenin rests, the ideologue of communism and the leader of the country.

    Lunch at a local restaurant (1 hour)

    Visit to park Zaryadye (1,5 hours)

    You will visit a unique modern park Zaryadye, where all Russian natural zones are presented, and go to the amazing viewing platform located above the Moskva river. There you will go on a virtual tour in Russia and look at the beautiful places of the country from a bird's eye view. You will fly over the ancient pillars of Manpupuner in Komi republic and the Lena pillars nature park in Yakutia, jump from the dam of the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station, the largest in Russia; see from above the valley of geysers in Kamchatka, together with Sochi, Volgograd and other significant places of Russia.

    Free time for your shopping (GUM) (1 hour)

    Dinner at a local restaurant (1 hour)

    Transfer to the hotel, free time

    Day 6 - Moscow

    Breakfast at the hotel, free time

    Meeting with a guide

    Lunch at a local restaurant (1 hour)

    Sightseeing tour (1,5 hours)

    On the second day you will go on a bus tour along Moscow. There you will see the majestic Cathedral of Christ the Savior, which proudly towers over the city as a symbol of the rebirth of the new Russia and was restored from the ashes on citizens’ money. You will walk along Arbat str - one of the main tourist venues of the capital, that has an incredible history and unparalleled atmosphere. There are not many streets in the world where such an incredible collection of outstanding artists and cultural figures have lived and worked in such close proximity.

    Visiting a viewing point of the Federation Tower in Moscow City (1 hour)

    In the evening you will have an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of Moscow from the 89th floor of the Federation Tower in Moscow City. This height is an officially registered record of Russia.

    Cruise with dinner (2,5 hours)

    Cruise on a comfortable ship along the Moskva River, with a delicious dinner. We will sail through the entire central part of the city and admire the beauty of the evening Moscow from the deck of the ship.

    Transfer to the hotel

    Day 7 - Moscow

    Breakfast at the hotel


    Meeting with a guide

    Time for souvenirs and visiting VDNKh (6 hours)

    We will take you to the Moscow center and will show you the best souvenir shops. There you will have enough time to find souvenirs you want. (Azbuka vkusa and old soviet food store Yeliseev’s Food Hall).

    After that you will go to VDNH - the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy. It is the largest exposition, museum and recreational complex in the world, one of the most popular public spaces of the capital city of Russia.

    There you will visit the Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre, that takes you on a journey from the first idea of conquering the universe to space exploration projects of the future. Not only can you take a trip around the solar system here, but you can also see more than 120 unique samples of aircraft and space technology, exhibits of military-industrial enterprises, more than 2,000 rare archival documents, photographs and video materials about the history of space-related achievements.

    Lunch at a local restaurant (1 hour)

    Transfer to the airport

    Arrival at the airport


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