During this excursion you will visit places which connect Kazan and V. I. Lenin.

The Kazan University was founded in 1804 and enters into the three of the oldest higher education institutions of Russia. Lobachevsky, Zavoysky, Tolstoy, Lenin, Butlerov, Zinin, Arbuzova... all of those people learned, worked here. The museum house of V. I Lenin's is one of the oldest museums of Kazan. It was open on the 7th of November in 1937. The museum is located in the central historical part of the city.

Excursion "Places of Lenin" with visiting the museum of Lenin, 3 hours

Group Price
1-2 persons 5200
3-6 persons 6600
7-18 persons 7600
19-28 persons 11000
29-44 persons 13000

Additional charge for a ticket to the museum.