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The flow of tourists from China to Tatarstan is increased on 24 % in the first half of 2015

“About 2.6 thousand tourists from China visited Tatarstan in the first half of 2015, which is on 24 % more than the same period of the last year”, said deputy chairman of tourism committee of Republic of Tatarstan Ekaterina Barabanova.

"Tatarstan is actively promoted on Chinese market for the second year, and we see the result. Compared to the first half of 2014 the growth of the number of Chinese tourists is 24 % . About 2.6 thousand people arrived in Tatarstan from China for the purpose of tourism. This number is not so big, but we know that we need about 3 years to develop this direction", she said..

The main problem in the way of increasing the flow of tourists from the China is the lack of direct flight from China to Kazan. "Now we focus on our program "Three Capitals of Russia ". This tour is combining three cities - Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan in one program. And of course we will work on the organization of direct flight from China to Tatarstan ", noted Barabanova.

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