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Kazan Zoo will be one of the best in Russia and Europe

Kazan zoological and botanic garden will be reconstructed during 2015, which announced in Tatarstan as a year of parks and gardens.

The total area will increase in almost 2.3 times - from the current 7.7 to 17.5 hectares.

A research center, a greenhouse, a petting zoo, a playground with attractions, restaurants, cafes, as well as the area for waterfowl will appear in the zoo according to the schematic proposal. The second zone will allocate for “Safari Park " where we will seegiraffes , rhinoceroses , antelopes, elephants, lions, pandas and other exotic animals.

It will take two years to reconstruct the zoo. The first part of the project (the creation of a new area) will implemented in 2015, the second (immediate reconstruction of the old zoo) - in 2016.

“In 2016 Kazan zoological and botanic garden, that was founded by professor of Kazan University Karl Fuchs, will celebrate 210 years”, reminded the head of the Ministry of Construction of the Republic of Tatarstan. It is expected that after the reconstruction the flow of visitors will exceed 1 million people a year. Updated Kazan zoological and botanic garden will be considered as the one of the best in Russia and Europe.

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