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Kazan entered the top-10 environmental rating of Russian cities

Kazan won the eighth place in the environmental rating of Russian cities for 2014. The corresponding study is published today in the Ministry of Natural Resources website.

The first three places went to Moscow, Gorno-Altaisk and Salekhard respectively. Rating drawn up taking into account several parameters: the "air environment", "water use and quality of water", "waste management", "use of the territories" and others. This stolitsaTatarstana for air quality took 10 place, and on energy - the third.

The rankings take into account 94 the city. In addition to the capitals of all the subjects of Russia, as well as the cities of federal significance, in addition to ranking attended nine cities: Vyborg, eyes, Yevpatoriya, dace, Mozhga, Nefteyugansk, Ramenskoye, Sarapul, Surgut.

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