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170 thousand tourists visited Tatarstan during the period of the 16th World Championships FINA

The first tourists began arriving to Kazan on July 18, 2015. Average occupancy in hotels in Kazan for period from 18 July to 8 August was 95% , from 9 to 16 August - 70 %.

Guests were visiting the main attractions and tourist centers of the Republic of Tatarstan: Kazan Kremlin, the ancient city of Bolgar , Sviyazhsk island, Elabuga and Chistopol . 320 thousand people visited Kazan Kremlin, ancient city of Bolgar - 61 thousand, Sviyazhsk island - 22.6 thousand, Yelabuga - 165 thousand.

Kazan was visited by 6859 foreigners for the period from 07.20.2015 08.18.2015 according to the Russian Federal Migration Service of the Republic of Tatarstan . Most tourists came from Germany, Ukraine , Turkey, USA , China, France , Italy and other European countries. There were also tourists from Japan, Korea, Canada and Australia.

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