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Way from Kazan to Moscow will take only 3 hours

Everyone is waiting for high-speed road from Moscow to Kazan. Now it’s not a dream, but a reality, but we just need to wait a little bit.

Instead of the usual 14 hours on the train from Kazan citizens will spend 3,5 hours on the road.

SCM plan to provide 30 trips a day. In future this road can go into a high-speed highway Moscow-Beijing.

The approximate cost will be from 2 000 to 12 000 rubles. However, in 2018 the fare has to be reviewed because of inflation.

This project is headed by "Mosgiprotrans" , with the participation of " Nizhegorodmetroproekt » and «CREEC» (China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group Co. Ltd.). Term of implementation of project works –is until 2016. After that construction of the first section of the railway from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod will begin. According to the plan the road will be ready by 2020.

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